The real estate industry has been subjected to constant price escalations and major competition. Amidst all this, what spells success for a real estate consultant? How can a real estate establishment thrive in this cut-throat environment? More importantly, as a creative agency, how do we get a real estate company to reach out to its customers and be relevant in the digital age? These are some questions we pondered over when Unishire came to us with the intention of deploying our branding services, generating leads and creating a prominent presence in the digital sphere.


We tackled this challenge by devising a multi-channel strategy to attract customers. Our approach was simple - reach customers where they are present. And what better place to target than the holy grail of search engines? Google is the go-to, default search engine where users go looking for anything and everything. So, we created Google ads that improved Unishire’s ranking and made the brand name easily searchable, on a widespread scale. Next, we had to take over the social domain. Considering, that Facebook is the most widely used social media platform, we were able to leverage its customised targeting capabilities to our advantage. Through e-mail marketing, we personalised emails based on individual customer personas. As Unishire’s foundation was fortified with the digital assets that also refined its ranking on search engines, they started gaining attention. Finally, with a consistent user base in place, we optimised their website and landing pages.


200+ Average leads

2500 Average visits

25% - A conversion rate that broke records in the industry

300% more leads from digital marketing activities

200% increase in mobile visits

5 Million impressions clocked on Google search

500 INR the average cost per lead which yielded an indomitable ROI