A leading exporter of premium grade incense sticks and fragrances in India, Sarathi International, were on the quest for expansion. They wanted to percolate in international avenues like Africa and South America; both these continents are known for their ethnic and lingual diversity.


Our game plan for Sarathi’s growth was tactically strong yet simple. We laid maximum emphasis on generating leads. With over 80% market shares across the aforementioned locations, Google search has monopolised search networks. This, of course, played to our advantage. Further, we targeted customers in different countries with vernacular advertising messages that were optimised according to time and user behaviour. The social media strategy allowed a consistent customer base to set ground for expansion on a global spectrum while boosting revenue from these international markets. At present, Sarathi International caters to over 10 countries in the African and South American markets.


10 languages used to deliver advertising messages

10 leads approximately per day