Samruddhi Realty is one of Bangalore’s largest luxury hotspots in the real estate industry. They were in pursuit of escalated sales figures for their forthcoming projects which were dispersed across the city. Also, their main aim was to catapult our branding services through augmented digital marketing efforts. We sunk deep into the disarray, trying to strike a balance between varied targeting and various demographics, yet standing out in the crowd of realtors.


We shed light on their brand, increasing the impact through marketing activities. Having carved out a customized, multi-channel strategy that gave them an ubiquitous presence, we assisted them cater to the various segments of their audience. This took their conversion rates to an all-time high. With ads running on Search Network, Display and Remarketing, we were able to reach out to the right audiences at all the right times. Our primary focus was on retargeting the existing user database. Then, through social media advertising technology we specifically targeted those with higher incomes and people who had earlier expressed their intrigue in real estate investment


60% growth in sales in just a year

120% increase in monthly contact requests